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The making of Nakoshi - a Short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch

The making of 'Nakoshi' -  a short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch
      14th November 2011, on Children's day (बालदिन), there was this News on many News  Channels that 222 girls named Nakoshi/ Nakoshia/ Nakusha/ Nirasha were renamed by local health care department officers of Satara, Maharashtra in one social program. 'Nakoshi' means 'Unwanted' girl. It's really sad that in India thousands of girls are named as Nakoshi/Nakusha by their parents. Let me tell you; not only poor illiterate parents but also rich and well-educated people do this thing. The reason is that they feel 'girls' are a burden on them and a big liability. Poor people feel that girls will not become their support in their old age as they will go to their husband's home after marriage and hence they do not educate these girls. Mostly those who already have 2-3 girl-children name their next girl as Nakoshi/Nakusha.          Based on this News, I decided to make a Marathi short-…

The Making of Save Birds

The making of 'Save Birds':  a short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch
     Ashwamedh Kalamanch team is working on Marathi short-film 'Nakoshi' based on 'Save Girl child' cause. We have almost finished the shooting and the last schedule of short-film shooting is remaining. Earlier I decided to keep the really sad ending of the short-film but after thinking for some days; I have decided to keep 'Happy Ending' to it so as to give some positive message. We do shooting on Sundays as all are working people. As usual last Saturday night I went to Virar so as to wake-up early morning on next day and empty the bedroom to create a set of Hospital there. As I entered the room and opened the door of my terrace I saw a little bird hopping on my terrace.            I have a terrace flat in Virar where we do all the shooting of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's projects (Short films and Web serial Hasya Jatra). The home remains closed for 5 days and so we keep all the windows and …

The Making of Save the Elephants

The making of 'Save the Elephants' a short-film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch       My sister and her son Aditya, both returned from Kolhapur as her Diwali vacation got over on 11-11-11. Aditya's dad had bought him a big long truck toy which he showed me the same day. Girls play with dolls but boys love gadgets and automobiles. My nephews did love speedy cars which run by pulling backward and setting free. But for Aditya more than speed, size of the vehicle matters. So this truck has become his favorite toy now. The sound of the alarm and the lights make it a special toy. Due to its size, I decided to make a video using this toy. I am a big fan of Golmaal series and the car stunts in Golmaal are too good. Children love to make stories using their toys and crashing toy cars thrills them too.

      I decided to add an emotional angle to it. Children are sensitive and innocent. They do not have any fear, till we instill some. They find dinosaurs interesting and snakes beautiful. They …