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Kapil Sharma Twitter

Kapil Sharma (Image Source: HT)

                           Kapil Sharma Controversy:

        Kapil Sharma doesn't know how to handle the failure. Kapil Sharma is alcoholic and arrogant. Kapil Sharma is very unprofessional and uses abusive language with Media. Kapil Sharma is in depression and feeling suicidal. These types of News are circulating on Social Media nowadays. This is really sad to see that the Man who is entertaining us from last 12 yrs is going through all these things. He made us laugh everyday and now when he needs support of his fans and audience, he is being targeted for his rants on Twitter. 

    The bad patch of Kapil Sharma started after his infamous dispute with Sunil Grover in flight. The arrogance which he showed to his team members really affected his show as main characters of his show left him one by one. Kiku Sharda tried his best to keep the show going but it didn't worked. Neither Raju Shrivastav nor Raveen Tandon could add any value to it. The show which started with a Bang ended very miserably. After moderate success of 'Kiss Kisko Pyaar Karu?', Kapil expected a lot from 'Firangi'. Unfortunately this film couldn't appeal to public. Kapil's break-up with Ex-GF, team mates and old show all made news for a year. He started his new life with his Fiance' and New Family Show this year. When viewers started believing that they will get their old Kapil back on TV, they got disappointed again. Controversies doesn't seems to be leaving him alone.  

  When his shooting with  Rani Mukharjee for Hichaki promotion cancelled, Media started bad-mouthing him again. He vented off his all the frustration on one of the Journalist on Twitter and again became soft target of online trolls. In past when Kapil was climbing his success ladder, he never gave any footage to anyone who sought to gain publicity by targeting him. But now after bad-patch of one long year and back to back failures he has become so vulnerable that any Tom-Dick and Harry is targeting him for spotlight. They are becoming famous because Kapil is showing his anger publicly. The abusive language which he has used against the Journalist can not be supported. It is maligning his own image. He should hand-over his Twitter handle to professionals and focus on his work. Else, his sad state of Mind can ruin him further. 

   Kapil Sharma is very succesful TV Show presenter and loved by viewers for several years. He has earned huge Money and Respect in the Industry due to his work so far. People have very short Memory. They can make you star overnight and forget you completely very next day. So as an Artist, he must focus on his Art. He is best in his work and whatever he is today, it is because of his work. He handled success very well. Let's hope he handles the bad-patch equally well. The more he will sink in these controversies, the more he will lose his peace of mind which will affect quality of his work. Let's hope, he understands this. We as a huge fans of Kapil Sharma expects him to bounce back soon. We want to see him again in great form. All the best Kapil !



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